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[sticky post] Hello, from Thin Shingles

Welcome to of_marvel! I'm Ketrino, the host of this comm (along with some lovely Marvel soulbonds). Tl;dr I hail from Earth 11052.

Plz make all posts friends-only in order to avoid trolls and such.
Plz tag your posts! We at of_marvel love tags. For characters, use character: [name]. Sources, universes, etc use source: [source]. Note if this is a post about fickin, soulbonds, whatever. So one day, if this place gets big enough, we can find posts of interest! If for some reason you can't tag posts, I'll go nuts and do it myself.
Hello all!

You've probably read the post below mine, well, that's my sister system. I go by Quetzal online, and our system is called Mirkwood.

We have two Marvel 'bonds. Loki and Thor from the Avengers films.

Loki came first, and it's a really complicated and convoluted tale that involves a lot of emotion on my part, but needless to say, all four of us (me, the head girl of my sister system, and both Lokis) are totally alright now. Loki and I have an almost 1 year old daughter named Kára.

Thor came after, looking for his brother to make sure he wasn't going to cause trouble. Both Thor and Loki missed each other, and so Thor made an appearance in Mirkwood.

There's been discussions of trying to find a Clint Barton as well, as another member of Mirkwood adores him, but nothing has happened yet. I'll keep everyone updated on that situation.

Thor and Loki are pretty open to talking, if anyone has any questions or wants to say hi or anything :P And we're all looking forward to getting to know anyone and everyone :D


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